PBE Projector Lamps & Repair Centre



Basic Projector Operation and Maintenance Course

Projectors and audio-visual equipment are used in almost all industries across the world, therefore it is crucial to know the various types of technologies available and how this equipment operates. We at PBE believe in giving our clients the best possible advice and information with regards the operation and care of this equipment. Not only does this ensure that the equipment is operated correctly, but it also ensures a longer operational life. This course has been designed for this exact purpose.

Training includes informationĀ  on projector operation and care, as well as the various technologies available. The course is conducted at our offices over the course of a day and includes, face-to-face individual classes, practical examples, a workbook, lunch and a certificate of completion. This course will provide the student with the necessary information needed to correctly operate and care for a projector in order to extend its operational life.

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