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PBE Projector Lamps & Repair Centre supplies a variety of new projectors ranging from entry level to high-end projectors.

 PBE supplies the following brands of new projectors.


A projectors resolution defines the quality of the image that is displayed. The following is a list of all available resolutions as of January 2018.


A projectors brightness is measured by its ANSI lumens. The higher the projector's lumens, the brighter the picture. The environment in which the projector is being used will determine the number of lumens the projector must have. Environments with low ambient light need projectors with fewer lumens as compared to those environments with more ambient light. Projector lumens these days start from 2500 lumens up to 45 000 lumens. 

Wireless Connection

HDMI/VGA Converters

•     VGA to HDMI Converter or HDMI to VGA Converter Available

•     Coverts VGA Signal to HDMI Signal or Vice Versa

•     Transfers Picture Signal from VGA to HDMI or Vice Versa

•     Please Contact Us for More Information and a Personalized Quote

PBE has years of experience in the installation of projectors and audio-visual equipment. For more information regarding our installations, please check out our installations page.

Whatever your needs, we at PBE Projector Lamps & Repair Centre are ready to provide you with the best solution at the best prices.

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