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Frequently Asked Questions

Presentation & Business Equipment specializes in the following services:


  • Repairs of all makes and models of data projectors
  • The sales of projector lamps
  • New projector sales
  • Audio-visual equipment sales
  • Custome audio-visual installation
  • The rental of audio-visual equipment
100% Original Bulbs

We only supply 100% ORIGINAL bulbs. We do not supply any inferior generic bulbs.


Please be aware of the difference between original and generic bulbs. For further information, please visit our Projector Lamps page.

365 Warranty

Projector Lamps: The warranty on our projector lamps is between 240 and 365 days. This is the most comprehensive and extensive warranty out there!

Projector Repairs: Projector repairs have a warranty period of 90 days.


If you have any after-sales concerns, queries or simply want to thank us, feel free to contact us on 011 393 1948 or email us at info@pbequip.co.za. Alternatively, you could make use of the contact form on our Contact Us page.


Absolutely nothing! We supply FREE assessments of all projectors which will then be followed up with a no-obligation, free quotation.

Should you not accept the quotation on the repair of your projector, do not worry! We do not charge a rejection fee, just simply let us know 48 hours in advance and we will get your projector prepared for collection.

To ensure the extended life of your projector, it needs to be serviced every 3 to 6 months. Just like a car, projectors require regular servicing to keep them in working condition and to prevent costly repairs as well as unrepairable damage to your projector.

In very rare cases, a projector may be classified as Beyond Economic Repair (BER). This can be due to a lack of spare parts on the market or the overall repair will cost more than the value of the machine. In this case, you will be provided with a list of three new projectors with similar specs and their prices.

Due to the wide variety or projector lamps, we keep a selective number of projector lamps in stock.