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PBE Projector Lamps & Repair Centre specializes in the supply and replacement of ALL projector lamps and bulbs. From ACER to ZENITH and everything in between.


Your Needs Are Our Priority & We Will Do Our Utmost to Fulfill Them


PBE guarantees the lowest prices on projector lamps, we will beat any written quote! We are DIRECT IMPORTERS of original projector lamps thereby cutting out the middle-man and supplying you with the best prices and top quality projector lamps or bulbs.


Our strict quality control ensures that we only provide you with AUTHENTIC ORIGINAL projector lamps & bulbs.

Strict Quality Control

Why We Do What We Do


Here at PBE, we provide you with projector lamp replacements and projector repairs not just because we are running a business, but because we know the value of a good running projector. We believe in helping you get the most out of your projector so that you can save money and get on with life. With our expert advice and 28 year’s of experience in the audio-visual industry, we are here to make sure that you get the most value at the best price, without compromising quality.


We don’t believe in ripping you off, we believe saying it like it is and provide you with value and quality at all times.

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Projector Lamps

We are direct importers of projector lamps thus cutting out the middleman to supply you with 100% original projector bulbs at the lowest prices. PBE also carries the most extensive warranty on our lamps. Up to 365 days; that’s how confident we are in our products.

Optoma Projector

New Projector Sales

As audio-visual specialists, we here at PBE Projector Lamps & Repair Centre are elite suppliers of all available projector makes and models. Whatever your requirement, we are able to provide you with the competitively priced projectors to suit your specific needs.


Projector Repairs & Services

From Acer to Zenith, we repair ALL makes and models of data projectors. Our highly trained and experienced technicians repair your projector in-house, so you’re projector never leaves our premises. No matter what issue, we have the solution.


Audio-Visual Equipment Sales

Whatever you’re looking for, we’re here to give you exactly what you want and need. Projectors, screens, mixers, speakers, screens, boards, flipcharts, tv’s and everything in between; PBE has got you covered!



Audio-Visual Installations

PBE provides custom installation services of all audio-visual equipment. From home theatres to churches, conference centers, schools, and government departments; no job is too big or too small!



Audio-Visual Hires

When your event requires that special touch, PBE Projector Lamps & Repair Centre is committed to providing current and up-to-date audio-visual technology for all events, whether it is a conference, party, funeral, wedding or meeting.